Recent Work


We can create wall and ceiling panels for any house of worship. This is one of our specialties with over 25 years of experience. Panels can match existing church color schemes. (view photos)


We also build panels suitable for educational enviroments including classrooms, lecture halls, cafeterias, gyms, band halls. We even manufacture water resistant panels for swimming arenas. (view photos)

Conference Rooms

We would love to provide a unique panel arrangement for your conference or lecture hall while greatly improving acoustics during important speaking events. (view photos)

Special Venues / Printed Panels

Controlling sound in special venues including home theaters has been a market we have also worked in for many years. Contact us today about our highly customized products for acoustics. (view photos)

Controlling sound and eliminating echoes with top-rated acoustical treatments since 1989.

About Us

Perdue Acoustics has specialized in controlling sound and eliminating echoes and loud uncontrolled noises in churches, schools, athletic facilities, and other commercial buildings all over the world for over twenty five years.

  •   Highest rated acoustical panels
  •   Fully customizable color, shape, fabric, etc.
  •   Available for wall or ceiling
  •   Class A fire protection

Our wall and ceiling acoustical treatments are the highest rated in the industry in all five areas of acoustical treatment ratings (absorption, durability, aesthetics, fire protection, and value). Perdue Acoustics’ patented rockwool core products can be wrapped in fabric or vinyl to meet the aesthetic needs of any facility. more info

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